Road To El Dorado

Apparently, "El Dorado" is native for... GREAT... BIG... ROCK!

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nettieeitten wrote in eldorado
Hey, I am extremely new to this community, in fact I did not know it really existed. I just hope I can help bring this fandom back to life. I come with a fic as my offering

This Modern Lover CH.1
Characters: Miguel, Tulio
Warnings: None yet
Disclaimer: All rights belong to Dreamworks. This is for pure self Indulgence.
A/N: My modern day AU where Miguel and Tulio are poor college students

He shouldn't have done it. He should have said psyche and ran off.
“You have to promise”
“Aright, aright. I promise”
“Hold out your pinky an swear”
“OK” He should have cut his own pinky off.
“Now, swear”
With a sigh “I, Tulio, will forever be partners with Miguel”
“We will be best friends forever. Are we done? I wanna swing!”
“Yep. Now we shake on it.”
“Cool. Lets go”
He should have never played on that playground. He should have stayed home and studied.
Now two children swing, keeping each other balanced by holding hands. He should have gone on the slide.
“Hey, Miguel”
“Yeah Tulio?” Big smiles,messy hair, scraped knees. Dreamers in the making.
“I will never go on an adventure without you”

“AAAAAAARGh!” Tulio slammed his head against his desk.
“I hate Statistics” he groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. He was so done. He had been studying for hours. HOURS! With an exam the next morning there was no way in hell he was going to take a break.
“Tulio~” Miguel burst through the door of their shared apartment. “I am home”
Tulio only responded with a groan. He was working on a way to become one with his computer desk.
“Oh, Tul. You are napping? Weren't you worried about this exam?” Miguel smiled sarcastically.

“wub sut” Tulio retorted back with his muffled words. He picked his body up and stretched. He turned to his long term friend and smiled.
“When are you going to stop wearing that red flannel shirt?” He asked with a scratch to his chin. Confused Miguel looked at his attire. So he was wearing his favourite shirt, what was so wrong about that?
“Why? What’s wrong with it?” He glared.
“Well you have been wearing it for a month straight and I have yet to see you wash it.” The brunette said pointedly.
“Well what about your hoodie? Its stained and smells. I will change when you was that filthy thing!”
“That is my lucky hoodie! I can't wash that! Are you mad?” Tulio was stunned by such a request. You can't just through away something so meaningful, much less wash it.
“Why don't you shave!” He shot back.
Miguel gasped. He stroked his blond goatee.
“Cut your hair!”
“How dare you!”
“I dare”
They held each others glare for a few moments, before they both burst out laughing.
“Ah, Miguel, you are such great distraction” Tulio wipe tears from his eyes. It had been days since he could laugh so hard. Miguel bounced on the brunette’s bed, until he was lying on his stomach.
“I have this radar, you know. A Tulio distress signal.” He held his head in his hands and smiled.
“Psh. Aright.” He turned back to his book, It did not seem as interesting as his pal right next to him.
“Do you wanna go out to eat?” Miguel was now tracing patterns on the ceiling.
“Hmm? Yeah. Why not” Tulio closed his text and grabbed his lucky hoodie.
They walked out of the apartment and headed off to the nearest burger joint. The night was cold enough to see their breathes but not cold enough for them to need to bundle up. Tulio looked over to his companion.
“You are going to get cold.”
Miguel was only wearing his long flannel and a pair of cargo shorts.
“Ehm, then you will hand me your sweater, eh?” he arched his eyebrows.
“Yeah, lets see about that” Tulio laughed. The two continued down the street chatting and joking until they arrived at their favourite loitering spot.
“Well, well..” The waitress spotted them as soon as they entered the tiny café. “What will it be? Your usual?” She was ageing,her bright red hair greying and her skin sagging.
“Yes, please, Lola!” Miguel chirped. He loved this café.
“Well sit down. I will bring out your Cappuccinos.” She licked the tip of her pen and scribbled on her pad as she walked away.
Tulio and Miguel claimed a seat by a window. They watched people walking by, hurrying home from their jobs or what ever activities they had. They made tiny small talk about Miguel's art class and Tulio's probability course. Tulio reclined, finally relaxing. He always felt tense studying. Lola returned with there hot coffees. Miguel was nearly bouncing to see what cute picture Lola made in the foam.
“Tulio! Look its a butterfly!” Frightened to ruin the design, nudge the glass barely touching it.
“Oh, how nice.” Tulio smiled. His own was designed with a sun. It was nice of Lola to put an extra love for her favourite customers. They drank their coffee in peace as they silently enjoyed each other’s company. Watching the empty streets. It was nice.
“Arighty, boys! Miguel's burger and fries and Tulio's Philly cheese steak and potato slices”
“Thanks Lola.” Tulio smiled and the duo began to dive in. Miguel picked off the onions form his burger with a disgusted face.
“You know..they do make burgers without the onions.” Tulio smirked.
“I liked the patty to be tinged with the onion flavour. But I hate the onions.” Miguel continued picking them off without meeting his friend's eyes. Tulio scoffed and continued on to his own meal. He had this conversation with Miguel countless times. He enjoyed his friend's quirky habits, and enjoyed making fun of them even more. He glanced at his pinky, he smiled thinking how this life long friendship began with a pinky promise.
“Yeah, Tulio?” Miguel had finished his burger and was now working his way through his fries.
“I need a smoke. Join me?” Without waiting for an answer he through a wad of money on the table. Enough to cover his portion including a nice tip for Lola. Miguel gulped down his fries and chugged his cappuccino. He threw his own wad of cash on the table and ran outside.
Tulio was already leaning against a building with a cigarette in-between his lips.
“Cold?” Tulio looked over at Miguel who was visibly shivering.
“N-no” Miguel denied but his stuttering betrayed him.
“I am not giving you my sweater.”
“N-not ask-k-king you to”
“Good” Tulio watched the smoke float up to the sky. It was dark now, and the stars shown brightly.
“Ugh, you idiot. C'mere” He pulled Miguel closer and put an arm over his shoulder. Seeking heat Miguel inched closer to Tulio's torso.
“You smell like ash. No wonder you can't get dates” He joked. Though Tulio can go through a pack a day, he never stunk of stale cigarettes, in fact he smelled just like a fire, that was slowly being put out or growing bigger. He couldn't really put his finger on which one.
“So. What’s your excuse?” Tulio's voice broke through Miguel's thoughts of fire.
“For what?”
“Why you don't have a girlfriend or any dates”
“HAH! My problem is I have to many!” He elbowed his friend as he laughed. True Miguel was more popular with the woman, he just could not stick himself with one. He would try, but after a week he would be off to the next one. Eventually he just gave up on dating all together, settling for one night stands here and there.
“Psh” Tulio scoffed and shoved his friend off of him.
“Agh! Tulio! Cold!” Miguel ran back to Tulio's side. He wrapped his arms around the brunette's waist and held on for dear life. Tulio pulled, shoved and kicked at his giant leech, but eventually subsided and dragged him home.
Once through the door Miguel had yet to release Tulio.
“Do you know how heavy you are?” Tulio glared at his new attachment.
“I probably should have taken out the rocks in my pocket.” Miguel nuzzled closer into Tulio's warmth.
“Well that could have- What!? You had rocks in your pockets?!” Confused. That was a way to describe Tulio's reactions to most of Miguel's quirky habits. Like leaving rocks in pockets for hours.
“Yeah. I got an assignment for my painting class and yadda yadda. Anyway look at my inspiration” He finally released Tulio to dig through his pockets. He had three large stones. Each was a different shade of blue, and the reflect the little light the held in their squalid apartment.
“Miguel,Its beautiful.” He barely stated walking back to his bedroom and to resume his studies.
Deflated Miguel went replace the stones in his own bedroom. He turned on his music and prepared for the next day. He sniffed his favourite flannel and reared his back in disgust, It did reek. But he didn't want to wash it.
“I know!” An idea popped into his head like a bright bulb. He grabbed string and a few thumb tacks. He made a make shift clothes line above his window, which was open to air out his messy bedroom.
“There, no my shirt can air out.” Proud of himself he went study his stones. He held each up to the light and watched as they glistened with little specks of gold. How was he going to create a portrait using stones? He could paint with them, no that was stupid. Or was it? He gabbed a tube of paint, pallet and his canvas. He sceptically dipped a stone in the wet paint and tried to draw a simple line. As thought before, it was a bad idea. He needed help.
“TUUUUUULIO!” he ran from his bedroom to his friend's.
“Tulio I ne- What are you doing?” Miguel leaned against the doorframe slightly confused yet amused. Tulio was sitting in desk chair upside down with his long legs over the back of the seat. His hoodie was draped over his face
“smmmmmuuphin” His reply was muffled by thick fabric over his face.
“Uh, run that by me again”
Tulio grabbed the sweater off his face and threw it a the blonde.
“I was studying! No what did you come in here for?” There was no venom in his voice, just exhaustion.
“I need to incorporate these three stones into a portrait for my final in my painting class, and I was wondering if you had any idea what I could do with them.” Miguel presented the beautiful blue stones to Tulio.
“Have you thought of painting with them?” Tulio raised an eyebrow. He knew it was a dumb idea, but he noted some paint on one of the stones.
“Yeah, not the best idea” The blonde flushed. Tulio grabbed the paint covered. He repositioned himself comfortably on his desk chair. He reached for his beloved hoodie and began to wipe the paint away.
“Of all colours. Yellow. Not like a mustard yellow, no bright canary yellow.” He admired the newly cleaned stone and was nearly hypnotized the glistening of the gold and metallic flakes. They were indeed beautiful, each stone had a different hue of blue and gold.
“Use them as a colour scheme. Only using the colours of the stones to paint. It will limit you pallet but it would look more artistic and the such.” He nonchalantly handed the stones back and returned to his studying.
“Thanks Tul.” Miguel had yet to leave Tulio alone though. The blonde could not remember the last time he saw his friend sleep.
“You really should sleep, you know.”
“Like right now. You would do so much better on the exam if you had a good night rest.” Miguel smiled.
“I suppose you are right.” Tulio yawned. Stretching his arms to the ceiling. He was extremely tired. He went to lay down on his bed forgoing the undressing part.
“Tulio, you left your sneakers on.” Miguel pointed out good naturedly.
“Mmmph” Was the only response the brunette was willing to give.
“Oh, really? Suit your self, then.” Miguel quickly undressed leaving on only his boxers and t shirt. He hopped into the bed and burrowed himself in Tulio's blankets.
“That's not what I said” Tulio did not really care nor was he in a mood to push the blonde out of his bed.
“You know, you really shouldn’t mumble. Now goodnight” He turned off Tulio's desk lamp, and enjoyed the dull music that was still playing in his own bedroom.
“Why must you sleep in my bed?” Tulio was not angry, just curious. Sometimes Miguel would wander and sleep with him is his bed. He never really minded. And whenever he asked why, he would always get the same response.
“Some nights, I just can't sleep alone” Miguel yawned and burrowed deeper into blankets.
“Hey keep a pillow between us. You like to cuddle in your sleep and last time I was the little spoon”
“I thought I had already apologized. It was a nice dream and-”
“Let's not discuss your morning wood okay. Goodnight” Tulio turned his back to the blonde and fell into a welcomed light sleep. Miguel watched his friend sleep with concern. He hadn’t been sleeping well. He watched the rise and fall of Tulio's chest and he listened to the soft hum of his breathing syncing up with the music in the other room. He carefully pulled the rubber band holding Tulio's ponytail together.
“You are going to be bald if you keep tying your hair back” Knowing he was going to get no response he fell into a light slumber as well.


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