Road To El Dorado

Apparently, "El Dorado" is native for... GREAT... BIG... ROCK!

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El Dorado - Miguel/Tulio Fanmix
lame_liz wrote in eldorado
Hi guys, I'm new to the community. I recently decided to rewatch RTED and remembered how much I love it.
I remember when it came out, I saved my allowance so I could go see it in theatres twice (I had never done that before!). Anyway, I really hope the community picks up again.
I'll probably start posting things to help keep it alive.

I was inspired to make my own after I saw this fanmix as I was lurking through old El Dorado posts. :3
It is a pretty diverse mix as I listen to all kinds of music, so I'm not sure if there's a generalized feel to it. I hope you fans enjoy! :D

La Mejor Parte de Mi - A Tulio/Miguel Fanmix


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