Road To El Dorado

Apparently, "El Dorado" is native for... GREAT... BIG... ROCK!

Hey, I am extremely new to this community, in fact I did not know it really existed. I just hope I can help bring this fandom back to life. I come with a fic as my offering

This Modern Lover CH.1
Characters: Miguel, Tulio
Warnings: None yet
Disclaimer: All rights belong to Dreamworks. This is for pure self Indulgence.
A/N: My modern day AU where Miguel and Tulio are poor college students

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RTED Icon Batch

Made some icons from a few RTED screencaps I took recently. A few are animated, 12 in total.

Please comment if you're taking one. Hope you guys enjoy~ :3


El Dorado - Miguel/Tulio Fanmix
Hi guys, I'm new to the community. I recently decided to rewatch RTED and remembered how much I love it.
I remember when it came out, I saved my allowance so I could go see it in theatres twice (I had never done that before!). Anyway, I really hope the community picks up again.
I'll probably start posting things to help keep it alive.

I was inspired to make my own after I saw this fanmix as I was lurking through old El Dorado posts. :3
It is a pretty diverse mix as I listen to all kinds of music, so I'm not sure if there's a generalized feel to it. I hope you fans enjoy! :D

La Mejor Parte de Mi - A Tulio/Miguel Fanmix

Road to El Dorado... ponies EDIT ZOMG MOAR
starscream kdjsfkas
I'm sure some of you have seen these on my pages already, but I thought I'd share. Since I'm schwarbage at drawing human beings and I mostly draw ponies anyway, the inevitable happened:

Road to El Dorado ponies
 by *radarwing on deviantART

Bailar sketch: lazy color!
 by *radarwing on deviantART

El Dorado pony dump
 by *radarwing on deviantART

Currently working on a full page of sketches of them as ponies. I CAN'T STOP.


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starscream kdjsfkas

Always kinda admired this group from afar. After a RtED drinking game a few weeks ago, my crippling, obsessive love for the movie was renewed and now I'm in the process of making roughly 150+ high-quality gifs (I'm an editor, frames are my brushstrokes and music notes), 2 fanfictions, and hopefully some fanart as I get better... currently only able to draw ponies xD.

I haven't felt this giddy about a thing, a fandom, a ship or anything in a really long time. It's filling a definite emptiness I've had for awhile  and I'm feeling so good writing again. I used to watch the VHS at my mother's house when I was there every Tuesday/Thursday and on alternating weekends, which were some of the most stressful days of my life. The Road to El Dorado was a way to escape. Be in Spain, gamble, run, get lost, adventure in the New World, learn, love, laugh, forgive.

I'm so glad this feeling is back in my life. I needed it really bad.

Anyway, thrilled to make friends with everyone here! I've been posting lots of lulzy screenshots from my frame-sniffin' on my Tumblr. Feel free to send me a hello!


Just havin' some fun.
I was just wondering--is there anyone here who still loves this movie...:-D?

Newbie Has Come with an Offering of Fic
 Title: Mixed Signals
Characters/Pairing: Tulio, Miguel, OC; Miguel/Tulio, very brief Miguel/OC
Rating: FRT
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Summary: Tulio is fed up with the mixed signals Miguel is sending him and is out to find out what's going on. However, when he stumbles upon his partner in a rather compromising position, things make quite a bit more sense. Takes place post-movie
Disclaimer: I do not own The Road to El Dorado or anything else recognizable, for that matter.
Hello! Um, I don't know if I'm supposed to introduce myself, but many people seem to do so (I found this community a few days ago and promptly looked through all of it) and I guess I'll do the same...

I'm Kat (clearly_odd), I'm 18 (as of one week ago!), and though I got El Dorado on DVD shortly after it was released, I've only been interested in the fandom for about a month or so... I'm okay with pretty much any combination of Tulio, Miguel and/or Chel... Though I haven't always been.  About two years ago, we were watching the movie in class and my friend started talking about Tulio and Miguel as a couple and I was like, "...Oh, God, I can see it! I'll never look at this movie the same way again! ARG!!" And now, two years later, I'm pretty much "Hee... slash." (Er... yeah, I make up for my lack of smart-sounding with good writing?)
What I really love about this movie (besides, y'know, most of it) is the animation and characterization.  Both are so well-developed and really capture your attention... which you guys probably already get...  Eh, enough about me! I brought you all my first attempt at an El Dorado story to read and enjoy/pick at/yell at me for! Sorry about the URL-posting, I couldn't get links or cuts to work for some reason...

I went and spawned another vid
great mouse detective basil pass-it-on

Hope you enjoy~

Tangled/El Dorado Fic
dancin' wess
Hey all! I come bearing fic - a snippet of a Tangled/El Dorado crossover I'm planning, based on the crack theory that Miguel and Tulio are Flynn's parents.

Story has some spoilers for Tangled, if you've never seen it. ^^ Most of the story isn't written yet, but I did write this one little bit on Tumblr and I thought you all might enjoy it as well!! It takes place near the beginning of the story, and Miguel and Tulio unknowingly interact with their son for the first time in over twentysomething years.

Also, just a note - while the plotbunny as a whole is based on slash and mpreg, the following snippet contains no male x male romance or mpreg and can be read as a stand-alone fic, though some things go unexplained - such as why Tulio has aged and Miguel hasn't.

Enjoy!! And please let me know what you think!! ^^

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Miguel/Tulio picspam and gifs!
Hi all, I've posted a Miguel/Tulio picspam (with .gifs!) over here at my journal. Enjoy! ♥

Fan Art
Oh boyyy so I just watched this movie again about a week ago. I hadn't seen in since it first came out in theaters when I was a kid.
Let's just say I'm hooked.

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Unnecessary Censorship: RtED edition
 I really want to see someone make an unnecessary censorship video for El Dorado. If I knew anything about making videos or had the right programs I'd do it myself, but alas!

If you are unfamiliar with unnecessary censorship, it's basically cleverly timing bleeps and censor bars over something harmless, but the contexts suggest something entirely different. Here's a good example: 

If any of you guys are video savvy, at least do this scene:

"Apparently, El Dorado is native for... great...big... *BLEEP*K!!"

Note: There a is an unnecessary censorship video for El Dorado, but it's in Finnish. O.O

Voices of Home 3/4
heart, Road to El Dorado
Title: Voices of Home (3/4)
Rating: PG, later chapters PG-13
Summary: After they leave El Dorado, Tulio, Chel and Miguel suddenly find themselves facing a language barrier.
Genre: Angst/Supernatural... I guess?
Characters/Pairings: Tulio, Miguel, Chel
Words: 1438
Notes: Hey, remember when I posted the first two parts of this back in February of last year? Neither do I. But I swear that I’ll finish it in less than a year… promise! Thanks as per usual to my beta, freelancetitan
And because I know that nobody remembers what happened already, here's links to the first two chapters (on the eldorado comm as well as more edited versions at my shiny new ffn account :O):
Part 1 | Part 2 |

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